“I have participated in several of Susan and Robin’s workshops. Their expertise is apparent and they are able to warmly attend to each person’s needs, while also giving very valuable information. I highly recommend their experiential workshops.”
-J.P., Brooklyn, NY

“I started seeing Robin after my father died. She helped my through my loss and I continued with her. I asked for help for the first time in my life and now I feel better about myself and my future than I ever thought possible.”
-F.N., New York, NY

“Working with Susan, I changed my attitude towards rejections, not taking them so personally, and not having to see myself as pleasing everyone. I began taking risks socially, first with making new friends, and then with dating. I am now living with my girlfriend. Although this process took three years, I kept seeing progress. So worth it.”
-P.G., Brooklyn, NY

“Right from the start I felt very comfortable with Robin. She is the first person with whom I could share and work on the childhood abuse I experienced. My life is on a hopeful course in a way I couldn’t have imagined.
-M.L., Manhattan

“I was going through a very hard time after my divorce. Susan guided me back to enjoying life. With Susan’s compassionate and intelligent assistance, I feel ready to trust again. I am very grateful to her.”
-J.R., Inwood, NY

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