Susan Rudnick, LCSW

susanbiopicfs“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” -Joseph Campbell

Finding a therapist who is attuned to you can open the door to more success, joy and fulfillment. As a child,  a wise therapist entered my life to help me with a difficult family situation. For the first time I felt understood and acknowledged, which then  gave me confidence, and  strength and direction.  This is what I hope to offer you.

As I meet and work with you, together we will   begin to understand the complexity of your life experience, and uniqueness  of who you are. I bring with me, my life experience, over thirty years of working with people, and all my professional training.

The three powerful cornerstones of my practice are psychoanalytic training, skills as a Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist, and a perspective based on  Zen Buddhist practice. Each tradition contributes to the way I will listen, and respond to all that you bring, as we  create a safe, trusting way to work together.

Here are some  basic values and beliefs that inform my work:

  • It is possible to shift and transform limiting core beliefs.
  • A broken heart is an open heart.
  • When we open to the truth of who we are in the present moment, there is release and energy to move forward.
  • Slowing down, and bringing attention inside to your chest, heart area, you may be surprised by the creative possibilities in what you already know.
  • At times new solutions emerge quickly, but often patience over time is needed.
  • Change usually occurs with small steps. But small steps are big steps.
  • You can learn to embrace the suffering that is part of the human condition and let go of that which is unnecessary.
  • Developing compassion for all that is unacceptable within you is key to well being.

My special interests include spirituality, infertility, adoption, issues of people with addiction in their families, aging and creativity. I am a faculty member and supervisor for the Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy Program. Robin Kappy, LCSW and I offer “Rest Well Tonight,” a focusing-oriented approach to assisting people who experience difficulties falling or staying asleep, are wakeful during the night, or wake feeling un-rested.

Please contact me with all of your questions and to arrange an appointment:

Susan Rudnick, LCSW
917 655-4752

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