We are here to help you find wholeness within and connection with others…

Welcome! Whether this will be your first time in psychotherapy, or you are seeking a fresh perspective, we want you to feel confidence in our experience, competence and warmth. When it comes to therapy, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and when you work with one of us at Flatiron Psychotherapy Associates, you’ll get personalized care designed to help you overcome the issues that are holding you back.

Why choose us? We each aim to:

– hear and understand your unique experiences and struggles.
– offer a sense that hope is possible.
– nurture greater self-acceptance and creativity.
– find new solutions for difficult issues and situations.
– create a safe place for all of your feelings and secrets.
– facilitate greater intimacy in relationships.

Take the Next Step:

Here is an opportunity for you to gain the new perspectives, strategies and care you need to improve your life. Please see our individual profiles and contact either of us today to make a day or evening appointment:

Robin Kappy, LCSW
917 626-1517

Susan Rudnick, LCSW
917 655-4752



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